Trenchless pipe lining

Trenchless sewer repair is a method of repairing sewer pipes without destructively digging and removing large portions of flooring, foundation, and walls to expose the building’s pipes. Trenchless pipe repair structurally restores an existing pipe internally by using the failed or deteriorated pipe as a host, rather than by disruptive, costly trench digging followed by conventional pipe repair and subsequent restoration of impacted surfaces (floors, walls, foundation, cabinetry, etc.). 

The term “trenchless” by definition simply means “without trenches.” Imagine digging a long, deep path directly through the very foundation your building stands on. This conventional pipe repair practice, though widely used throughout the twentieth century and into the present, can jeopardize the integrity of your building’s slab. It also creates the need for extensive follow up repairs to the building once the plumbing work is completed. Thanks to trenchless technology, this is no longer a necessary risk or added expense.

  • Faster: It can often get the job done in just one day while the same repair could take several days or weeks using conventional dig and replace methods.
  • Cost-effective: Traditional techniques for repairing sewers are usually quite invasive. After the work is done you’ll be facing additional time and money needed for the restoration. 
  • Minimally-invasive: Because sewer pipes are underground and rather hard to access, repairs usually involve some destruction of property to access the host pipe. Trenchless pipe repair keeps this to a minimum, if at all.
  • Doesn’t destroy your property: Depending on where the damaged pipe is located, traditional methods might involve digging up floors and tearing down walls. The cost of fixing this kind of damage could be significant. Trenchless methods can often get the job done by digging one small access point.
  • Designed to last decades: Trenchless sewer repair isn’t a band-aid for a quick fix. The trenchless pipe repair technology we implement has over a 50 year life expectancy.