Benefits of Trenchless

The thought of having our lawns, gardens, or even homes subject to the will of heavy machinery or equipment can be nerve-racking. Fortunately, the benefits of trenchless technology outweigh the risks. Commonly referred to as trenchless technology or trenchless pipe repair, these methods of repairing drain, sewer and storm pipes have been utilized since the 1970’s. East Coast Pipelines offers the following benefits to Boston residents:

  • Faster
    It can often get the job done in just one day while the same repair could take several days or weeks using traditional dig and replace methods.
  • Cost-effective
    Using trenchless methods to repair a drain, sewer or storm pipe might seem more expensive when compared to traditional methods until you factor in the cost of replacing damaged property.
  • Minimally-invasive
    Because drain, sewer and storm pipes are underground or in walls and rather hard to get at, repairs usually involve some destruction of property. Trenchless repair keeps this to an absolute minimum.
  • Designed to last decades
    Trenchless drain, sewer and storm pipe repair isn’t just a quick fix. Current trenchless technology methods provide a 50-100 year life expectancy.

The residents of Boston can breathe easier knowing that there is now another less invasive option of pipe repair than the traditional method of dig-and-replace. Call us today at 781-267-5091 to learn how you can benefit from trenchless!